MACROCOSM is a genre-bending science fiction short film that continues to surprise and delight audiences worldwide.

Planet earth’s contaminated drinking water threatens to end civilization. Dr. Grant Hansen, a celebrated quantum physicist, volunteers to be the first inter-dimensional traveller with the hopes of finding an answer to the contamination problem. 


Upon arriving in a mysterious yet eerily similar universe, Grant is forced to play detective, gathering clues along the way... What he finds makes him question whether he was the right person to send across the multiverse.



The film follows the harrowing inter-dimensional journey of Dr. Grant Hansen as he attempts to save billions of lives from the deadly contamination of the world’s drinking water. After celebrating his now-deceased daughter’s would-be-third birthday, Grant makes history and becomes the first person to successfully travel through the multiverse. Upon arriving in a mysterious yet eerily similar universe, Grant is forced to play detective, gathering clues along the way. Eventually, Grant heads home and witnesses the most bizarre and depressing thing he’s ever seen: the sight of himself celebrating his deceased daughter’s would-be-third birthday. Everything in this new universe points to what Grant has feared all along. Despite decades of rigorous training and scientific breakthroughs, this new universe seems identically doomed compared to Grant’s universe back home...


Desperate, Grant tracks down an old friend and esteemed colleague from the research team, Patrick Feynman. Patrick and Grant begin to cross reference each other’s universes, only to confirm Grant’s biggest fears. Grant truly believed he could find a solution to the water contamination crisis here in this new universe. And yet, this new universe is useless to him and those back home. And just as he’s lost all hope, Grant looks up to see the most surprising thing he’s ever seen in his entire lifetime: Patrick casually sucking on his own 18-inch penis.


After struggling to process the sheer disgust and confusion of it all, Grant becomes intimately familiar with the only major difference between his universe back home and this new one. In this new universe, all men have gigantic penises and suck them in public multiple times a day without any shame whatsoever. As Grant continues to reel from the absurdity of this new reality, Patrick begins asking him a series of questions––like any good scientist would in this situation. After fielding a few questions and humoring Patrick, Grant decides that he’s heard enough. Ultimately, Grant heads home empty handed (no pun intended) to the single most awkward scientific press conferences of all time.


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As comedy writers/directors who love sketch comedy and genre parody, MACROCOSM became our way of sneaking a silly sketch into a super serious sci-fi drama. We loved the idea of multiverse travel (thanks to Rick & Morty) and literally asked ourselves, “What is the most embarrassing thing a team of scientists could find when traveling to a parallel universe?” Pretty soon, Chris Duce (writer, actor, who plays Patrick Feynman) found the answer, “What if everyone sucked their own dick?” We laughed and MACROCOSM was born. 


But what started as a dick joke evolved into more than that after a few weeks of workshopping Chris’ initial script. We wanted the film to be more than a well-executed sci-fi parody with a dick joke. We felt like we needed the drama to be compelling without the help of any attempts at comedy––because the more compelling the drama was, the more surprising (and funny) the dick reveal was going to be. 


We spend the first three-quarters of the movie setting up Dr. Grant Hansen as the world’s hero and only savior––and spend the final quarter of the movie revealing that he's just another dude obsessed with having a bigger penis and being in power. Ultimately, while MACROCOSM is, at its core, our latest attempt to provide levity and make people laugh, it’s also an unassuming yet unambiguous middle finger to the patriarchy.

- Ryan