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Ryan Kelly is an LA based writer/director who graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2013 with a degree in Film & TV Production. Kelly met Andrew Heder in an improv class in 2014 and they’ve been co-creating comedic shorts ever since. Kelly’s background in post-production (editing/VFX) gave him the opportunity to work on (and eventually help write/direct) a daily sketch comedy show for Fullscreen’s streaming service––where he met the other star of Macrocosm, Chris Duce. In 2017, Kelly, Heder and Duce teamed up to produce Fullscreen’s most shared original comedy ever: The Sheriff Who Changes His Stance on Marijuana (35M+ views). The trio then founded the rapidly successful independent comedy brand, Very Serious Content (50M+ views). The satire brand, which parodied Facebook-first news brands like Now This, quickly found a way to routinely increase the workload of the fact checkers at In 2019, Kelly began directing branded series for Jurassic World and Hot Wheels before reuniting with Duce for Macrocosm. In 2020, Macrocosm premiered on DUST. It was so well received that Queen Elizabeth II officially knighted the film. Shortly thereafter, Kelly, Heder and Duce became the most sought-after comedic trio in the modern era. Universally appreciated for their undeniable comedic brilliance, the trio entered into development with every single one of their comedy idols. In 2021, due to their film and TV ideas being in such high demand, Google partnered with Kelly, Heder and Duce to reproduce their minds for sale on the open market. By early 2022, in what the trio is calling “just the beginning,” the trio’s comedic sensibilities had been successfully mapped onto every living organism on planet earth.
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Andrew Heder was created in a lab that clones major dopes—it worked. He has been writing/directing/acting with his creative partner Ryan Kelly for 5+ years. Together their shorts, sketches, and branded content have amassed tens of millions of views online (the Internet).  Andrew also writes and performs live sketch comedy at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA. You can catch him live on the last Wednesday of every month. You may also catch him in a currently-running national commercial where he very nearly gets run over by a 2020 Nissan Titan—Nissan, Innovation That Excites.


Chris Duce is a filmmaker and comedian who resides in Los Angeles, CA. His sketch comedy videos with Very Serious Content, Fullscreen, The Angel Murkurker, and Icky Pep have been watched millions of times online, mostly by bots. His podcast Celestial Sex was named one of Esquire’s Top Ten Sex podcasts. As a student and performer at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Chris learned that the key to making someone laugh is being a celebrity, which he isn’t. His collaborations with other filmmakers have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, and MOCA.
Santiago Calogero is an international Director and Director of Photography based out of Los Angeles, California. He has worked with names such as Jonathan Van Ness, Pete Holmes, Bart Baker, Normani, Josh Leyva, Chachi Gonzales, Open Mike Eagle, among many other artists and celebrities.